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This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for a caring community

Earlier this week, a teacher brought a group of students to serve a meal at Good Shepherd Centre.

He wanted to know why the volunteer sticker I gave him had a number in the corner.

“That counts the number of volunteer shifts,” I told him. “Each time someone comes to volunteer, they wear a volunteer sticker.”

“That means volunteers have worked more than 8,000 shifts already this year? That’s amazing!” he said.

And it IS amazing.

People in Toronto find all kinds of creative ways to help each other.

There’s the nine-year-old boy who saw a man on the subway who didn’t have shoes or socks. That upset him. So he went to school and organized a sock drive. He showed up at Good Shepherd Centre with 374 pairs of socks.

There are the people and companies who donated turkeys for this Thanksgiving dinner. The kitchen was in a panic – they need to start roasting turkeys weeks in advance, and there were no turkeys. It took a few phone calls, postings on social media, and the community responded with overwhelming generosity.

If you ever feel jaded and want to give up on humanity, come spend a day at Good Shepherd Centre. You will see suffering and sadness and desperate need. But you will also see kindness, generosity, creative helpfulness – a community in action.

So to every person who shows up at Good Shepherd Centre ready to help – thank you! To everyone who organizes a food drive or a sock drive or a toothbrush and toothpaste drive – thank you! To everyone who hits the ‘Donate Now’ button, or writes a cheque – thank you!

You make a difference. You are the light that the darkness cannot overcome. You keep hope alive in this world.

Thank you.

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