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Celebrating Easter in uncertain times

Easter is always considered a time of hope and new birth. For Christians, the story of Jesus’ death on the cross on Good Friday leads to the resurrection on Easter Sunday – from death to new and everlasting life – which is offered to everyone.

At Good Shepherd Ministries, we offer new life each and every day through our work. Sometimes this work can be huge and transformational: someone gets housed or completes treatment for addiction with our support.

Other times, this work may seem very minor indeed: another load of laundry done, a quick conversation about nothing in particular. Yet, both types, like the resurrection on Easter Sunday, can be miraculous.

This has been particularly true in recent weeks when our services have been affected by COVID-19. There may not seem to be a lot of valour in making 700 sandwiches a day, but this has been a lifeline to those we serve.

During this time in our world where life seems very dark and desperate, we hang on to the purpose and mystery of the work we do: to bring hope and healing to every encounter, and to show that life is always precious, even at its most difficult.

Reflection by Christine Slater, Manager, Pastoral Care

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