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Injure your brain, lose your home?

The link between brain injury and homelessness just got stronger.

Researchers recently did a study of 111 homeless men in Toronto. Almost half of them had suffered at least one traumatic brain injury. Most of the brain injuries occurred before the men became homeless.

A brain injury can change a person forever. It can make it hard for a person to control their emotions, or to think before acting. People with brain injuries can lose social skills like knowing the right time to talk, or how loudly to talk. They can have trouble making decisions, or remembering things.

This recent research helps those of us who work in the medical clinic at Good Shepherd Ministries. It reminds us to screen for head injuries. It helps us give clients with brain injuries the right kind of support.

Homeless people with brain injuries face huge challenges. They need respect and understanding so they can find and keep housing, and live with dignity.

Thank you to all the generous people, companies and organizations that make it possible for Good Shepherd’s medical clinic to help people in need.

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