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Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School raises 9000 pairs of socks for the homeless

What can 1,000 high-school students do about homelessness?
Turns out that they can raise socks. Thousands and thousands of socks!
The students at Robert F. Hall CSS in Caledon East collected 9,000 pairs of socks for people in need. That’s about 9 pairs of socks per student.
It’s the largest number of socks ever raised by the school’s 22-year-old annual sock drive.
9,000 socks is a lot — even for the clothing room at Good Shepherd Centre. Last year, the volunteers who operate the clothing room handed out 88,396 items of clothing. Socks are the most requested item.
Socks matter to people on the streets because they spend so much time on their feet. Walking long distances with wet or worn-out socks feels awful. But even worse, it can lead to some pretty serious health issues.
In the past 22 years, the students at Robert F. Hall have raised at least 50,000 pairs of socks. Thank you for making life better for 50,000 homeless and marginalized people. Your community spirit makes a difference!






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