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What did you learn about Social Justice today?

We are most fortunate at Good Shepherd Ministries in Toronto to welcome High School Student volunteers each day to participate with us in this important Mission of Hospitality. We are grateful to the dedicated teachers and principals who value and support this experience for their students.

What does this retreat experience involve?

  1. gathering in our chapel to hear about the Mission, Vision and Values practiced at GSM.
  2. learning that each of us and all of us together are called to help and care for our brothers and sisters.
  3. touring the centre to see the many programmes and activities in place to offer encouragement, care and support to those who need it.
  4. being involved directly by making the beds ,folding the laundry, sorting food and serving meals.
  5. sharing a meal with staff, other volunteers, and guests in our dining room etcetera.
  6. debriefing at the end of the visit and hearing the personal story of one of the people who has experienced our Hospitality.

The final question we often ask the students is: What did you learn about Social Justice today? These are some of the responses.

  1. It is hard work to look after people.
  2. Everyone here cares about the people and they welcome everyone.
  3. Listening to the people tell their story is very cool.
  4. Team work is fun and we get a lot of things done together.
  5. I am grateful for my family, my home and my “stuff”.
  6. We have to hold the judgement, here and in our school.
  7. Watch out for kids who eat by themselves or have no friends.
  8. The shelter is very clean. People are always cooking, washing and cleaning.

These are some of the gems of wisdom that our young people  share with us. It encourages us to come each day and to say “Welcome” to anyone who comes to our door.

by Sister Joan Stafford, OSU

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