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In the Easter story, Jesus’ friend, Mary Magdalene, goes to His tomb, only to find Him missing. In her confusion, she mistakes Him for the gardener! It is only when He calls her by name that she recognizes Him. Unless we are avid gardeners ourselves, we may miss the connection between the work we do here at Good Shepherd Ministries and the task of gardening. Though we associate gardening with beautiful things, it is, in fact, very hard work. Gardening requires attentive care and cannot be rushed.

Every person who comes to Good Shepherd Ministries can experience new life through the work we do. Like a good gardener, we tend to every individual, creating the optimal circumstances under which they have the chance to thrive.  Pope Francis has said: “You must try to seek God in every human life. There is always space in which the good seed can grow.”  Although this is difficult at times, together we can achieve the impossible and assist in a resurrection!

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